PT Laut Mas


PT Laut Mas is strategically set up in Indonesia (Batam and Jakarta) as a third-party clearing agent to handle companies’ port and customs formalities whether they are consignees or receivers of cargo.

You can trust our dedicated team of local specialists to be your one-stop booking and documentations hub for local and regional shipments so that you can focus fully on your core business activities.

PT Mega Maritim Batam  (PT MMB)


如需在巴淡岛进行安全、可靠、及时和经济高效的货物处理,市场领先企业PT MMB 是您的最佳选择。

我们的装卸团队拥有丰富经验和专业知识,我们有20 年装卸经验,经手超过12万个标准箱和10万 吨各类货物。

To address the ever-changing cargo and packaging landscape, we continually update our equipment, technology, processes and expertise. This means that we are ready at any time to customise vessel loading and unloading solutions that support your evolving business needs.

PT Permindo Ekspress Batam


Custom regulations differ vastly from country to country. It can be tedious for a company to keep up with all the latest changes and time-consuming to properly complete the required paperwork for each territory. What’s more any errors can cause unforeseen delivery delays and additional costs.

Permindo can take the hassle from you and even expedite your import/export customs clearing process as your trusted intermediary with the Batam Customs Office.

Our meticulous and responsible team of licensed professionals are updated on latest customs regulations and will file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. With our strong track record in processing over 2,000 custom documentations and permits every month, you can be assured that your shipments will meet all the stated rules and – most importantly – clear customs smoothly and quickly.

PT Cahaya Express


PT Cahaya Express是巴淡岛的市场领军企业,为客户提供各种现代起重机、正面吊运机和叉车等租赁服务。

PT Cahaya Express 位于PT联合工业园区,距离 Batu Ampar 港口不到 15 分钟车程。我们可供租赁的设备包括:

  • 21辆叉车
  • 8辆150吨起重机
  • 7辆卡尔玛吊运机
  • 7辆卡尔玛空集装箱正面吊运机
  • 1 x 200 tonne shore crane

由于 PT Cahaya Express 拥有自己的车队,无需依赖第三方租赁。因此能够提供可靠、灵活且经济实惠的设备解决方案,您可以始终信赖我们。